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Where is the site?

Spodden Park is located about 1km north west of Rochdale town centre at the foot of the Spodden Valley.  The site is accessed via Spod Road.

What is currently on the site?

The site is currently derelict and comprises the former Turner Brothers Asbestos factory.

What is happening now?

We are in the process of organizing and undertaking site investigation works and undertaking a procurement process to appoint contractors who will undertake removal of asbestos from the site and subsequent demolition works.

What experience does ESG Trading Limited have?

ESG Trading Ltd is experienced in remediating complicated sites, having just completed a significant asbestos remediation project in Oxfordshire and are currently remediating large chemical works site in Yorkshire and Merseyside.

Why has the site been bought now?

ESG Trading Ltd believes it has the expertise in house to safely and competently remediate the site and open it up to future development.

What will happen to Spodden Park after it has been remediated?

The northern woodland would, once safe, be opened up as a recreational space/biodiverse environment for the local community. The main site would be promoted for future development.

Has the remediation strategy been approved by regulators?

Discussions have been had with both the Local Authority and the Environment Agency regarding the envisaged remedial works but no formal remediation strategy can be compiled and submitted for approval prior to site investigation works being completed.

When will remediation works start?

Asbestos removal and building demolition will commence in summer 2022, with works in the northern woodland and ground remediation following in late 2022 / early 2023.  Further details will be provided to the local community once a strategy has been approved by regulators and contractors appointed.

What will the works involve?

The initial works will include surveys of both the buildings and the ground conditions to determine the current levels of contamination. A number of phases of remediation will then occur including asbestos removal, building demolition and ground remediation. The extent of this cannot be confirmed until all the survey work is completed.

How will I know that the works are safe?

The proposed works will be done is multiple phases. The first element is always assessment of what is present and then a method statement is developed to mitigate risks. The review of the proposed method of work would be prepared by the relevant competent person within the organisation. Then dependant on the relevant regulatory body, then reviewed by them. The purpose of the investigation and planning phase is to ensure risks to the operators, environment and community is mitigated.

Compliance with the method statement is completed by the supervisory and management team. This is supported by an independent air quality monitoring company.

When will the remediation works finish?

The works are programmed to be completed by July 2024.

What assessments / surveys have been undertaken?

A number of surveys have been undertaken. These have been completed in sequence to mirror the required phasing of remediation works. The following surveys have now been undertaken:

  • Building asbestos surveys
  • Northern Woodland initial site investigation
  • Building & structural surveys
  • First phase of ecological surveys

In addition to the above, ESG will also be commissioning noise and traffic surveys to ensure the works are completed with minimum disturbance to the local community.

Who will monitor the remediation work and make sure you do what you should be doing?

All survey work will be undertaken by independent specialist companies, they have a professional duty of care to ensure that all works are delivered to relevant standards.

Asbestos removal works will be monitored by both the HSE and ARCA (Asbestos Removal Contractors Association) which is the professional asbestos removal contractor’s association which will ensure that all works are carried out best industry practice. In addition specialist asbestos consultants will be on site during these works undertaking air monitoring to ensure no fibre release occurs.

Remediation of ground-based contamination will be undertaken a professional specialist with the necessary required experience, this work will be undertaken in collaboration with Rochdale Councils Environmental Health Team and the Environment Agency’s Contaminated Land team to ensure all works are carried our correctly.

What happens if you find something you didn’t expect?

The key element here is that as much information is obtained prior to starting a task. This can be from surveys, historic documents and wherever information can be gained from – we welcome the local community providing any information they believe relevant.

The works would have a ‘watching brief’, this is a staff member who isn’t engaged in the works to inspect what is happening. If something unexpected is found, they have the authority to stop works, make the area safe and then develop a plan to complete the task safely. Prior to undertaking tasks, there would be a series of scenarios with an action plan to try to plan for unexpected situations – for example in an area where there were no records or evidence of a sump containing asbestos debris. This should not be present but if encountered the team would need to know what procedures to implement.

What will you be doing to protect the embankment in the northern woodland?

This has two phases, the first phase is a temporary solution to prevent further erosion of the base of the slope. This is currently being discussed with the regulators and will be implemented as soon as possible.

The second phase will comprise the wider slope remediation which would comprise the slope angle being made stable to prevent exposure of contaminated material and then a comprehensive cover being placed over the impacted northern woodland area. We will be undertaking ground investigation works to determine the extent of the asbestos material and then developing the detail of the approach. We will need to remove the trees which have roots in the asbestos containing soils but these would be minimised as far as possible and then replanted at a ratio of more than 2.25 trees planted for every one tree removed.

During what hours will there be activity on site?

Activities will take place between 0730 – 1800, Monday to Friday with some works taking place on Saturday as required.

How will you minimise noise?

Unfortunately, the demolition works will involve heavy machinery to break up the former structure (once free of asbestos and any other harmful materials). We will use mist cannon machines to spray a mist over the demolition area to keep control of the fine dusts. The latest breaker equipment will be used as a silent breaker operation.

How will you minimise dust?

A Dust and Noise Management Plan will be submitted to the local authority prior to any ‘dusty’ works commencing to ensure that works are undertaken with the minimum of disturbance.

What about air quality?

Air quality will be monitored throughout the remedial works and results will be submitted to the local authority on a regular basis.

Will there be much disturbance?

Works carried out by ESG will be considerate of neighbouring properties and managed to reduce noise wherever possible. Furthermore, communications with those impacted by the construction phase will be maintained throughout the process and a telephone information line will be available to address any concerns which may arise.

I live close to the site. How can I be kept updated?

We will be keeping residents updated throughout the works by direct mail, online, telephone line and email address.

I’ve been told that the site is unsafe and should be left alone. Why are you planning to demolish buildings, rip up trees and disturb hazardous materials in the ground?

The reason for the remediation is that the site is unsafe, waste material which includes asbestos is known to be situated along the riverbank in the North Woodland, concerns have been raised over the impact this could be having on the River Spodden, the new owners are currently liaising with the regulatory bodies on how works can be undertaken to resolve the situation.

Do ESG Trading Ltd and Spodden Park Ltd hold Public Liability Insurance?

ESG Trading Ltd and Spodden Park Ltd both hold Public Liability Insurance. The level of cover for the general public is approximately £10 million and the staff cover is approximately £5 million. These policies both provide cover up to 10 years into the future from purchase, should either business cease trading.

Do ESG Trading Ltd and Spodden Park Ltd hold Professional Indemnity Insurance?

No, neither ESG Trading Ltd or Spodden Park Ltd hold Public Indemnity Insurance. This is because they do not have any design duties and all remediation works will be undertaken by professionally indemnified contractors.

The indemnity insurance held by the contractors used provides approximately £10 million for the general public and staff cover is approximately £5 million. This is in line with the recommended industry standards. All policies will also provide cover for 10 years into the future, even in the event that one of the contractors ceases to trade

Once the site is fully remediated and ownership has transferred, the liability will fall to the purchaser and the professionally indemnified contractors used

How are ESG Trading Ltd and Spodden Park Ltd connected?

The former TBA site was purchased by ESG Trading Ltd in October 2021.  A specific company was established for the purchase, Spodden Park Ltd, which holds the Land Registry title to the site.  Martin Greenwood is the majority shareholder and sole director of ESG Trading Ltd and Spodden Park Ltd.

Who are Envestigate Ltd?

Envestigate Ltd is the in-house contaminated land consultancy for ESG. They will be responsible for coordinating the external site investigations and assessments to inform the remediation strategy.

What specific asbestos removal accreditations are held by ESG Trading Ltd and Spodden Park Ltd?

All works in relation to asbestos removal will be undertaken by independent specialist companies and contractors, which hold the correct accreditations and have a professional duty of care to ensure that all works are delivered to relevant standards. They will also all hold relevant professional liability and public liability insurance cover.

Is either Spodden Park or ESG a member of the Asbestos Removal Constructors Association?

Neither company is a member of any contaminated land association directly, however, Dan Mason, Technical Director for Contaminated Land holds the following memberships/accreditations:

  • Chartered Water and Environmental Manager with CIWEM
  • Chartered Engineer with the Engineering Council through his contaminated land experience
  • Designated Contaminated Land: Applications in Real Environments (CL:AIRE) Qualified Person

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